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Here is an article a little out there about the LEGO® DB5

With the arrival of LEGO® at the next MondialParis Motor Show 2018 organized by AMC Promotion, it will surely be full ofsurprises and innovation.

I’ve been in touch for some time now withJean-Briac their Communication & Digital director (see photo opposite) andwe found something that we have in common: LEGO®. We’re both AFOL (Adult Fan ofLEGO®), which is different from KFOL and TFOL (which stands for kids andteenagers), one for each stage of life. Majority of the time a KFOL will evolveto a TFOL and will became a AFOL. LEGO® is meant to fit all fans, including theones from Star Wars (franchised by Disney), LEGO® Technic, superheros featuringwith Marvel and DC Universe, etc... Through all of LEGO® permits new groupsappears. Read here

As for me I own loads of Star Wars and LEGO® Technic, some hero onesand some more. By now you understand why had to do this article especially withthe DB5 which is a legendary vehicle.

After the Mondial, it will be on or multiplearticles about LEGO® sets like the Buggatti Chiron one.

Last August Jean-Briac Dalibard gave me this LEGO®set I felt like it was a challenge, and I was glad to take it. I have a few passionslike LEGO®, motorcycles as you already know but I’m an enthusiast of the beautyof a product, the quality of it and the rareness of an ancient mechanics.

The DB5 is one of those vehicle that made amark in earlier times. Replacing the DB4, the DB5 Aston Martin was producedfrom 1963 to 1965 and the bodywork was executed by the Italian CarrozeriaTouring, master in his area. She’ll be defined by everyone as James Bond’s carin Goldfinger (1964), Thunderball, GoldenEye, Tomorrow Never Dies, CasinoRoyale, Skyfall and 007 Spectre. The DB5 and OO7 are nowadaysindistinguishable !

Only 1 021 DB5 were fabricated, right after itin 1963 they were modified into coupes or convertibles. A break called"hunting" will be proposed later in very limited series.

In order to become James Bond’s car, “Q” costumed it with loads of gadgets which led to the unforgettable conversationbetween the two in Goldfinger :

- Bond : Ejector seat ? You’re joking !

- Q : I never joke about my work, 007 (See Video farther)

Do you dream of driving like James Bond? BecauseAston Martin is planning on producing 28 DB5 equipped with some of the samegadgets as in the movie Goldfinger, it will be homologated to be driven on openroads? It has been confirmed that they will be equipped with the reversiblematriculation and we’re waiting on the confirmation for the tommy gun and theelectable seat! Those unique replicas will be envisioned partnering EONProduction, who produced the 007 saga and sold 2,75 million books (it representapproximately taxes non included 3,07 millions of euros). Deliveries areplanned for 2020.

Among those 28 cars, 2 will be for theconstructor and 1 will be sold at an auction for charitable purposes.

Thanks to Aston Martin Work for answering thequestions I had while Aston Martin Paris never answered them. This confirmsthan English people have a better understanding of second degree.

Let’s talk numbers :

The DB5 has more or less 35 000 pieces in it,without the ones added by “Q”. It has 6 cylinder in-line engine, an aluminumbodywork, 286-hp for a maximum of 240 km/h and takes 7,5 seconds to go from 0to 100 km/h.

It’s 4,57-meter-long, 1,68-meter-wide,1,38-meter-high and it weight 1 ton and 465 kg when it’s empty.

Before coming back to our LEGO® I asked a favorto Philippe Gürel, a great cartoonist who is currently working on Miss Harley'sVolume 2.

I want to thanks him for taking the time for drawing this, becausecreating an album isn’t easy especially a second one.

(click on the photo)

Let’s talk about Philippe, he has a pencilstroke like I appreciate, my intuition tells me that he might be at the nextMondial for motorcycle during the first days of press...

if you want him toinscribe some of his work you know where to go…

Back onto the LEGO® DB5 Aston Martin who weight91 grams, it has 1 295 pieces and measure 34-centimeter-long,12-centimeter-wide and 10,3-centimeter-high.

This LEGO® Creator Expert James Bond AstonMartin DB5 is very detailed, it highlighted the elegance and the emblematicrefinement of James Bond’s sport car of 1964. That was a great year and the oneof my birth !

In this photo report we declassified some ofthe assembly secrets of this LEGO® set Creator Expert.

Those pictures show some of the gadgets detailsreproduced faithfully, like the hidden radar in the center console or thecompartment in the car door holding a phone.

The passenger electable seat can be activated,the license plate can rotate and the back bulletproof screen can be open. Thetire cutter on the front tire can be activated and the gear stick allows you toreveal the tommy guns in the front wings of the car.


AFOL have mixed-feelings towards the reducedmodel of the famous DB5 Aston Martin, some of them think that the overallvisual appearance is a fail because of the gadgets, of different shades ofgrey, the fact that it is impossible to move the front wheels...


On my end Ireally loved it. I’m a fan of the gadgets and I find those littles flawscharming. I aww entertained while building it.

The only downside of this LEGO® set is itsprice, but that’s the general tendency of all LEGO® sets, nowadays they areselling them for more.

This set isn’t only for 007 fans or AstonMartin’s fans, it’s a really nice set that deserves to be on the LEGO® Standduring the next Paris Mondial next to the LEGO® Bugatti Chiron. Still seconddegree but if they need someone to build some of the sets I’m here for it !


I strongly recommend this set and I’d like tofinish the article with some appreciation, otherwise I wouldn’t be the Tazanymore :

To begin with I’d like to thank Laure,Emmanuelle and Fabien from the press and communication team at AMC Promotionespecially Jean-Briac Dalibard. On to Julie who works at LEGO® in Slough nearLondon in the United Kingdom, she got me the “License to Build” (see picturebelow), so smart thinking of a permit to build the James Bond DB5 Aston Martin !

I also want to thank Aston Martin Work inTickford Street in the United Kingdom for answering my question by e-mail, Icannot forget Philippe Gürel for his drawing. To finish, I thank Virginie andElora for their notes and translation on this article.

It’s a lot of persons for a simple seconddegree article, but so fun the do.

See you at the Mondial Paris Motor Show with LEGO®starting on October 4th.

Photo & Retouching Credit : Bruno Pasqualaggi

Thanks for the translation to virgine and Elora.

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